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Stayve Booster Starter Kit

Stayve Booster Starter Kit


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The Booster Starter Kit from Korean beauty manufacturer Stayve includes 12 vials of 5 different types of booster serums to address various skin issues. A micro-needling mesotherapy treatment to be used as a booster during MTS treatments to nourish the skin and treat problem areas.

The Booster Starter Kit includes:

  • Aqua Stem Cell Culture Ampoule x 3 – includes moisturising properties such as hyaluronic acid and plant extracts to address skin dehydration.
  • AC Stem Cell Gold Ampoule x 2 – a soothing serum with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to treat acne and skin irritation.
  • Salmon DNA Gold Ampoule x 2 – best for accelerating skin regeneration and contains PDRN DNA, which is obtained from salmon DNA. The 99.9% (24k) gold particles support skin cleansing and brightening.
  • EGF Peptide Gold Ampoule x 2 – a booster serum best used to minimise the effects of aging. Contains natural plant extracts and niacinamide to boost elasticity and plump skin.
  • Whitening Stem Cell Culture Ampoule x 3 – contains active ingredients such as plant stem cell cultures and niacinamide which aid in brightening skin and minimising texture.

Manufacturer: Stayve
Contents: 8ml x 12 vials