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Softfil Precision 22G X 90mm XL

Softfil Precision 22G X 90mm XL


The SoftFil® Precision range of micro-cannulas is based on high technology manufacturing and matches the needs of its users.


SoftFil Precision 22G x 90mm XL is a part of the SoftFil Precision micro-cannula range – an expert range of filler injection devices.

These micro-cannulas are designed for different types of injections with e.g. Hyaluronic acid, Lipofilling, PRP, and other aesthetic medical applications.

SoftFil Precision is developed from high technology manufacturing to match the needs of physicians.

The Precision micro-cannula range has the benefits of centimetric graduation along the stainless-steel tube, and a red dot on the hub indicating the location of the side hole.