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Mesoestetic m.pen [pro] ultimate microneedling | 10 essays

Mesoestetic m.pen [pro] ultimate microneedling | 10 essays


Article: Mesoestetic m.pen [pro] ultimate microneedling needles

Manufacturer: Mesoestetic Pharma

Package content: 10 pieces

Area of application: Microneedling

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The m.pen [pro] is a newly developed device that achieves spectacular results in a safe and effective way. The movement of the headpiece is automatic, constant and perpendicular to the surface of the skin, which contributes to skin recovery.

Microneedling technology significantly improves the transdermal delivery of active ingredients. Microneedling is a very safe technology for all skin types and can be combined with other medical cosmetic techniques to achieve better results.

  • Each attachment consists of 12 circularly arranged microneedles
  • Packaged in individual sterile containers
  • Contains 10 attachments


Mesoestetic is the world leader in the field of medical cosmetics and cosmetic medicine. It is renowned for its effective range of products, which are scientifically proven and supported by technical studies. Mesoestetic offers products for both professional and home use to provide the best tailored solution for each patient with maximum results. Mesoestetic’s professional line includes a wide range of intradermal and transdermal solutions ideal for anti-ageing treatments.