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INNOTOX does not come with added proteins, albumin, saline, or other additives, making it 100% safe. INNOTOX Botulinum Toxin Type A treatment is plant based making it more safe and 100% risk-free. It does not contain harmful chemicals and is free of skin harming toxins. Another best thing about INNOTOX is that its therapeutic results last up to 8 months.


Used for smoothening wrinkles, face and neck lift, lip contour, and to shape the face without giving that frozen face effect. Helps in getting rid of wrinkles, bunny lines, marionette lines, chubby chin, and fine lines by de-nerving the muscles of the area it has been injected in.


Remains stable for 6 months and provides effective and visible results within 3 days of the dosage intake. Approved by KFDA, INNOTOX, extracted from plant-based culture, is sterile liquid with 4U/0.1ml concentration. Convenient to store and reuse.


Available in 50 Units and 100 Units at highly affordable prices.